Thursday, June 23, 2011

POETRY: Fool for Love by Sarah E. White

Submerged in my tub my body can finally relax

My worries and fear drift away with the steam from the hot water

My thighs glow a light pink from the cast of the bathroom light

Soft red curls loop around my neck

Wet, from lying back trying to forget you

The constant thinking and mind wandering

It always comes back to you

The door opening slowly and you enter the room

How can this be?

You seem so close in my mind but worlds apart in real life

Taking off your clothes I feel the heat of hostility radiate from your body

Smooth flesh of the island

Swallow, swallow me whole

Distract me

Drive me over the edge

Excuse me as I forget myself

Point my toes in the most beautiful way

Then curl them with the heat from a thousand years of love

But again I remember

The haunts come rushing back with the fangs of a serpent

Your venom hurts me

For you hurt the ones you love, damage them, and smile

Because I let you down

I’ve tried to set the glass aside

I know the begging and pleading were no match for the gentle brown fingers drenched in liquor

Its sweet taste was the only way to forget you

But now you are with me, so feel me again

Search me again, all of me, I won’t turn away, I love you so

Suddenly, I awake to a knock at the door, you are gone my love until I dream again.

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