Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Drawing: Adventure Characters: Learn to draw step by step (How to Draw and Paint)

Title: Drawing: Adventure Characters: Learn to draw step by step (How to Draw and Paint)

Author: Jacob Glaser

Publisher: Walter Foster

RRP: $12.99

ISBN: 981600581748

Release Date: Dec 2011

Pages: 32


This action-packed drawing guide is perfect for aspiring artists thrilled by all that is magical, daring, and valiant. From warriors and knights to kings and sorcerers, readers can learn to draw a variety of exciting characters with pencil. Fantasy artist Jacob Glaser also instructs readers on digital rendering, so artists can bring their adventures to life with vibrant colour.

About the Author

Jacob Glaser is a professional illustrator who lives in Long Beach, CA. After earning his BFA in illustration, he worked at several companies as a staff artist and art director before becoming a full-time freelance illustrator. Jacob believes in aliens, ghosts, and all sorts of magical nonsense—possibly because he played Dungeons and Dragons too often in high school.


Drawing Adventure Characters is a great little book in a series by well known artist and instructor, Walter Foster. I have collected four of these books and found the step by step instructions extremely helpful in gaining skills in drawing. There are around two hundred books in the Walter Foster series, so there are topics for just about every taste. The format of the books are such that you are given the finished picture to study, then images of how to create the picture through the different stages of drawing and painting.

Adventure Characters is a great book for learning how to draw a range of fantasy characters, creatures and scenes. If you like mythical beings, role-play games such as Dungeons and Dragons and sword and sorcery, and want to create your own images, and then this book will be a great tool for you to begin.

The lessons in this book are; Tools and Materials, The Elements of Drawing, Basic Pencil Techniques, Creating Textures, Perspective Basics, Evil Sorcerer, Gnome Dragon Slayer, Swordsman, Jester, Maiden, King of the Dwarves and Avenging Angel.

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