Friday, May 6, 2011

POETRY: When I’m with you By Steven Barnes

How do I feel

When I’m with you



Only the sun shines in my sky

Who do I feel

When you’re gone



Rain and tornados fill my sky

How do I look

When I’m with you


My face is full of color

What do I do

When I’m with you



When you’re here

I can swim oceans

Jump out of plans

I feel like I can take a bullet

Even as I write this

Your absence depresses me

Talking about you dose not replace talking to you

Your dark chocolate hair stuns me

Your soil like orbs soothe my soul

Your voice makes me complete

There is no one else like you

You have the sweetest soul

The prettiest smile

You’re the only one who can make me feel numb

Just by your absence

I use to live in doubt

People don’t even stay together for a day where I’m from

Yet me and you have stayed strong

A whole month our flame has lasted

But it’s a gentle flame

It will grow and grow

Until the whole world can see

The bonfire we have built

I’m jealous over you beyond imagine

I’d fight anyone who tries to take you from me

I never mean to worry you

I just can’t share you

Even if I was offered the world

Trillions of dollars

Diamonds and gold

To share you with another man

I would tell them to go to hell

I love you so much that I could not live

Knowing that someone else was touching you

Knowing that someone else was giving you pleasure

It makes me angry just thinking about it

I’m so thankful that you feel the same way

If you didn’t I would go nuts

I’ve seen relationships where one was not happy

Where one had to cheat to fulfill desire

But we’re not like that

I know I make you smile

I know I make you blush

You know you do the same to me

Living without you is like

Being in a desert with no water

Living without you is like

Having a sword in my throat

Being with is you is like

Heaven on earth

Being with you is like

Victory over impossible odds

I’m so happy with you

I’m not use to such feelings

I’m use to




You give me



You make me want to




Never forget what you do to me love

Happy 1 month Carrie

I love you more than anything on this earth

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