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FICTION: The Point Of No Return by Scott Barnes

The American was sitting in an interrogation room with a gag in his mouth. His thoughts were on the only two things that mattered in this world: his mother/ teacher and his sister. The torturer was of course French his name was Charlemagne. Also to most people the French had the second best torturers only second to the Koreans neither side knows anything of being humane. “Well you’re much trained to withstand my methods.” said Charlemagne.
“Tell me who you work for.” said Charlemagne who was very small. He looked exactly like a jockey very little and weak plus it looked like he got hit with a mine possibly. Charlemagne heard a snap! He then realized the restraints that were keeping the prisoner held down were broken. So the American had a clean run at Charlemagne. The American charged at Charlemagne and struck his elbow into Charlemagne’s chest, blocking his airways. He also rammed his knee into Charlemagne’s leg as he screamed. The American put a gag in his mouth. He found what he was looking for, and then stabbed a sleeping dart in to Charlemagne. He instantly fell asleep. He heard footsteps and heard in the French language the guard calling the doctor name he quickly got behind the door and as soon as the guard got in the doorway. He jammed the door in the guard’s face as soon as the door entered the archway then pulled out metal dish for medical supplies and slammed it on the guard’s head knocking him out and storing him in supply closet. He then checked the guard’s colt.45.There were 8 bullets in the chamber that meant the gun was full. Then he found 13 clips all full and also found his favorite knife on Charlemagne, a standard military issue 10 inch combat knife perfect for ripping off human limbs. The American said to himself, “Ok time to get out of here.”

The teacher the American had spoken of was a very classy character, fun to be around and everyone liked her. Now her name was Ms. Aplantup, but The American always called her Ms.Hills because that was her name the year she first started teaching her. It was 7:00 in the morning and people with the government, or so they said, went in the office, very dangerous people were in her room asking questions. The leader was a NATO officer that also works for the CIA which she thought was unlikely because The American told her all about these people and these boys looked very dangerous. A really good student of hers always told her that NATO was a United Nations agency, plus they were a bunch of office boys like the FBI and the CIA. The leader was also Russian, very tall and well-built, one who had the look of a man who had once in his life had killed people. The scar on his left cheek was the shape of a curvy T and seemed to prove this.

“Ms. Aplantup, your cooperation is important.” said the NATO man. Earlier he had told the woman that his name was Joseph Taras.

“No, the man you’re talking about has never hurt a soul,” Ms. Alplantup said proudly. They started laughing.

“What is so funny? He never hurt a soul.” stated Ms. Aplantup.

“Johnson shows her the left side of her face.” This Johnson guy who was medium build and about the same height, moved his head to the right she gasped in horror. His cheek bone had been ripped out with the look of surgery removing the entire left side of his face which was covered with an opera mask. Also there were what looked like a knife then there were wounds all around his right side of the face. Then it hit her when she told her about the one they call the American and then they told her what the American had done and what the deal was, which was that he was a part of the secret part of the CIA that only dealt with the most dangerous stuff and if he refused he would be in a slave labor camp until he died, Then the leader the guy who worked for NATO pulled up his shirt and his entire belly area was ripped out with what looked like a garden hoe.

“Yeah the so called innocent Jack Boston, she started to get angry to the point where her face turned red and then she saw the one she knew as Jack he smiled and said

“I hope you assholes have a warrant, Otherwise I am gonna have to start shipping you guys back to your bosses in body bags. Johnson pulled out a colt45. But it was too late Jack already pulled out a throwing knife and threw it in his eye. Blood poured everywhere Ms. Hills shrieked Joseph gripped Jack by the throat but Jack kicked him in the stomach and was about to rip out his guts when Ms. Hills started to go through Hysterics he then pulled out a Beretta and shot him in the head.

“I am sorry I. I know you have a lot of questions so I am going explain everything” said The American

At the CIA headquarters in a place no one besides this one man knew about walked into a very dark room his name was Peter Mac and he served for the CIA since J. Eagar Hoover he laughed at the many theories about spies and assassins in the U.S government first of all in order to do so the US would have to be smarter than the world and Peter meet with the one’s in power in the US and they were the most incompetent most dumbest idoits he met in his life they could always fought always worrying about the most stupidest stuff. 9/11 was a prime example of the stupidity in the U-S- of –A. Because it was simple the terrorist saw an opportunity to do terror the whole crap that it was planned because of oil or whatever was a load of bull. Plus there the only people on earth who owed seven trillion dollars to the world and is still wasting and being the only super power left. Now he did not hate the country he served he just hated the direction it went in you had to, to be able to elimiltae every reporter who accidentally found the truth and cover it up like he did. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in Marco.” demanded Peter, Marco was an ox of a man and had no mercy he fought in Vietnam and he was proud of the many women and children he had killed the weaker they were the more proud he was of himself.

“What up Peter.” Said Marco

“For the final freaking time it Mr. Mac I swear I should have left you at 8 mile sometimes, any way’s here’s your new job.” Peter handed him a file that felt like a 45 pound weight. Aaron opened it up 90% he didn’t understand but he wasn’t retard he knew this guy was good and out of his league but he saw the $ 10 million reward.

“Before you ask that a 10 million dollars tax free so get too work I’ll pay for weapons and travel fees. Assured Peter with a smile.

“Any questions?” asked Peter

“Yeah who this guy’s name?” said Marco asked

“He goes by The American” Said Peter knowing what kind of response it would arouse form Marco

“You mean that guy still…” Marco said in almost in shock

“Yes he’s alive I don’t know how but that bastard is alive kill him and brings him to me in a body bag...” Smiled peter an evil sinister smile, Marco left Peter did not like hiring goons like Aaron they were always cowards thinking about life too much. But that was the ways things worked in these situations you hired who you could without causing problems. Then he got a message on his phone that a meeting was underway he cursed and went to the meeting by a secret door that went underground worrying the whole time would Marco mess up, something was telling him that he could not be more wrong about that in the latter.

“But Jack why did you kill all those people.” Said Ms. Hills confused the Jack Boston she knew had walked away from so many fights because he would not shame himself in front of her.

“I had no choice my family you and Sam needed me my family owes a lot of money to a man named Luke Conner.” Jack replied in a soft voice because he was in hot water and he hated it.

“Luke Conner isn’t he the head of the CIA.” She said almost certain of the answer but was surprised by what Jack had to say.

“No only fools believe that my understanding and by that my meeting with him it Peter Mac plus I had to keep you and my sister safe…” The American said coldly

“Uh Jack their something I got too tell you.” Ms. Hills started to panic

“What why are you shaking Ms. Hills.”

“They’re going to hang your sister their going to hang Sam Bell.”

The American was beyond mad when he’s cell phone rung it was a video of Sam Bell sister being tortured he checked the number and looked it up.

“Marco & Son’s coffee shop.” Was what the phone book said

“Jack…” Ms. Hills said very scared like a child who took the last cookie form the cookie jar before supper

“Yes?” For some reason his eyes changed they turned to a very warm green and he turned into a gentle man he eyes who for some reason where natural black turned green and very warm.

“I tried to stop it I really did.” Ms. Hills was scared because people nowadays insulted her but if Jack found out he kill them.

“I know you did its okay.” He said and smiled a smile only a baby can give too their mother.

“What are you going to do Jack” Said Ms. Hills

“I am going to kill ever one of them.” He said he eyes turned black without him knowing they did

Aaron got a phone call in the middle of the night it was Peter.

“What in the hell did you do you imbecilic.” He was angry as a shark that smelled blood he knew of the cell phone video of the torture he asked Marco to kill the American not piss him off.

“What do you mean?” Marco was confused

“ Due to your attempt to taut in The American face he burned down your shop and killed that crippled mother and retarded brother of yours.” Said Peter Mac in a tone was anger and disbelief of the stupidity one of his best men.

“What!” Marco was angry they did not do anything he wanted the American too make a mistake

“ You shop was hit with a bomb and the CIA told me he hired a guy by the name of Michael Carter’s to kill your mother and he tortured your retarded brother he laughed every moment he recorded it and sent it to the CIA my most harden men are sicken by it.” Said Peter pissed at himself because he knew what Marco was trying to do and for once it was a smart move but the American never made mistakes that what kept him out of a labor camp.

“I going to rip his …” Marco began

“No you’re going to Moscow” Said Peter in a tone that gave Aaron no other choice but to listen

“What...” Marco was angry and he wanted to kill the so called The American

“I need you to kill him but you got to go away for a few days he’ll never catch you there the mob does not work with his kind.” Peter was cocky but he was desperate he knew he was not thinking from all angles.

“Yeah sir.” Marco said angrily

“Good get packed and bring a weapon or two for defense.”

“Ok I am on my way to the airport.” Marco got his stuff a Walter silenced and a MP40 that he was able to salvage he was amazed it still worked. Then he left the house got in his Ford F150 and went to the airport. He then went to sleep as the plane went off, and dreamed of torturing the American.

When Marco woke up he was not on the plane he was in a dark place underground like a basement or a bunker and was about to die from thirst and his blood and a few organs were all over the place he then realized the organs were an illusion of his panic and not real still the blood was real he woke up to three people two were Russians he panicked at the third it was the American. The bigger Russian was beating the hold tar out of shit out of him he realized it was the legendary Iceman. He stopped the American walked up to him and had a syringe filled with a chemical that would send micro size leaches and they would eat at vital organs in till they died and he would turn into a balloon of a human .

“Hello Marco I heard you know a 16 year old female named Sam Bell do you know who that is.” He got inches form his face ready to stick the syringe in him and it would kill him torturer him very inhumanly.

“I not telling you shit you American pug I’ll die first!” Marco said proudly and spit in the American face angrily he pulled out a hack saw and ripped out his eye and hacked at his face in till his skull was showing in different places. Marco started yelling so Iceman put a gag in his mouth and kneed him in the gut he went quiet trying not to go crazy.

“I tell you goddamn its Peter Mac…” He begged

He hacked him with the hacksaw and pieces of his skull were falling off

“You think I don’t fucking know that you piece of shit tell me where in the hell is my FUCKING sister!

“Ok I’ll tell you just no more!” He begged

She in Iran and she’ll be cow meat by the time you get there.” He smiled knowing the end he just was not prepared for what he had in store. He picked up he gripped a hot frying pan and slammed it in his face Marco screamed and The American pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin and dropped the grenade and he walked away it explode as we walked away.

The second Russian was a rookie enforcer that had to leave the room…

Peter was worried then he got a video text of Marco death left the building and called the PLO.

“Yes.” The office clerk said

“Give me Muhammad 25.” Demanded Peter

“What?!” said the voice on the phone

“Don’t get snappy with me or you’ll live in radiation.” Threaten Peter

“Mr. Mac I did not realize it was you.” Quickly being polite

“When you killing the bitch.” He asked in a very mad tone

“In three days why?” Asked the clerk

“Damn it!” Peter yelled as he slammed the phone down Marco was in a state high. The kind of that you don’t get form drugs the kind high on the kind that makes torture so effective. As he turned down an alley a foreign looking man pulled out a Desert eagle and unloaded a whole clip into his face.

A Russian showed up with a desert eagle which had to be empty because he was holding it like a toy. Ice man and the other Russian went as quiet as a mouse.

“It’s done that quickly Joseph.” Said the American with a smile this was no time to be smiling but around Joseph he The American felt like he could be himself a complete asshole. Joseph was the scary silent type who had one rule that was the reason he worked alone he did not work with amateurs he would always kill them after the job was done they were the ones who enjoyed this killing people and he wanted them to die to get rid of some scum. The American had looked up to him for years.

“Yes I had connection in the U.S who wanted Mac dead for years so I did not have to go through the coast guard or any of that regulation crap.” Iceman and the second Russian left like horses in the wind.

“Are you ok man?” Said Joseph he always concerned because The American saved his life years ago form the chines that were going to execute him for some stupid honor regulation. Plus Joseph only worked with professional’s and The American was the only one left it seemed to Joseph.

“Yes I am listening I going to do this alone.” Said The American with a tone that said this is something I have to do alone.”

“But how are you going to be able to…”

“I’ll just find a way.” The American said with a tone that said he was not sure but was going to do it anyway.

“Okay.” Joseph left hoping he the American was not walking into a death trap, the American pulled out a briefcase and pulled tiny pencils the kind used to make stuff go boom, Kalashnikov AK-74 silenced, and a Desert eagle and then said

“Okay hold on Sam I am coming.” He left snuck on a PLO cargo ship and prepared to kill them all.

Sam Bell was crying quietly she been beaten a couple times for crying aloud. Then for some reason her cell phone quietly went on. The American placed a cell phone in a place no one would check taped on in the lower on her back. She somehow checked what it said

“Hold on Sam I am coming I will get you out of there I promise.”

-Your bro the American

She smiled and went to sleep

The American snuck inside the prison he killed all the guards with his bare hands on with a piece of glass he got Intel form Joseph that Sam was on the third floor. He then shut off the cameras on the second floor pulled out his desert eagle made it to the torture chamber and then he stopped and saw her a small golden hair women and eyes of grass she was cut up, bleeding with dry eyes because she cried all that she had in her.

“Sam?” If he was not angry when he heard of this he was now he reached out to hold her

“No leave me alone you fooled me once with this trick.” Sam was panicking when the man just holded her.

“Sam it’s just me your bro I not going to hurt you who did this…” Two large hands holding a garrote and pulled but the American pulled out a piece of sharp metal and stabbed him in the eye then took the guy sword and cut his throat in three ways.

“Jack…” Said Sam weakly

He quickly went to Sam and wrapped his arms around her

“Yes Sam.” The American said with more caring than any nun could ever be

“I thought you were dead.” Sam said not mad at all just shocked that he was alive and that he could kill that easy

“Let’s go I know where a plane can pass the border police in this place and the U.S.” They left and found the plane expecting the worse.

The plane was supposed to lift off at 6:00 pm. It was 8:30 he was worried then he almost fell asleep when Sam screamed he for some reason he guessed instinct moved his head to the left and a double barrel shotgun in his face. It was Peter Mac with a hockey mask like the one Jason off the scary movies would wear.

“Hello the American you been be quiet a complete pain in the ass since you killed the men to harass that teacher.” Peter Mac said with a evil smile the American was about to chop his head clear off

“What can I say I been an ass to the bad guys of the world since you hired me in 2012 it been 15 years so by goal now is to kill all you idoits and put someone with some brains in charge.” The American had the famous Irish jackass genes of not caring about life and not knowing when his life was on the line. He felt a blow to the left side of his head it was Peter Mac end out his shotgun

“Real funny I put that on your tomestone.” Peter smiled then he opened fired and hit the American right in the chest Sam screamed hearing her voice in such panic drove the American crazy with anger so he charged at Peter kicked him in the knee cap and shot him in the face and just to be sure he shot Peter in the throat as well blood went up to Peter waste. The American went to the ground Sam ran to him screaming

“Don’t die you will not die on me you hear.”

“I am not dyeing yet not in till you are 90 years old and in a wheel chair of old age.” The American managed then he passed out.

The American woke up in a hospital and when he saw a body guards he first assumed mafia but they were CIA and then a man in a wheel chair guided Sam and Ms. Hills into his room Sam ran into his arms and Ms. Hills nearly broke down Jack knew something was up then the president of the united states walk with two body guards then Jack had a Walter and pointed it at him.

“There no need to do that if you cooperate.” The president smiled he was evil and knew it he ordered Peter to send NATO to integrate Ms. Hills

“Plus my men have bigger weapons.” His body guards had two military standard issue assault weapons locked and loaded to fire but Jack threw his gun at one hitting in the head and the other he took a pen and chucking it at his eye. Then he lunged at the president but the president was a very built man and due to the injury’s he was barely stronger than Jack then Jack heard the one thing that could destroy him then the one he knocked out grasped Sam trying to kill her he punched the president knocking him out because he hit his head then he pulled out the knife in his pocket threw the guard off Sam and stabbed him multiple times in till Jack had his blood all over his hospital gown.

“Sam!” Jack yelled he ran over to him Ms. Hills ran to get help and found a honest guard Jack tried to save Sam but it was too late she had her throat slit everyone knew Ms. Hills did not know but they knew best she was just shocked

“Jack…” Ms. Hills managed it was the only thing that she could muster and she wanted to help because she knew what he would do he official had no one beside her and plus he could not be around because of his personal life

“It’s ok Ms. Hills I am going to drop you home and odds are we won’t see each other again I just…”

“Don’t you dare say that?” Ms. Hills final had enough of the reason he could not hang around her he was going to crash it was unacceptable

“We’re going to be able to see each other if you stay alive promise me you will.” She was crying and now she was the only thing he had left so he hugged her.

“Don’t worry I’ll stay alive even if it mean AWALL.”He hugged her and a short man with two guards the short man said

“Jack follow me it time for what we do next the world’s a dangerous place.” Said the short man the three government types and Jack walked then Jack said stop in midstride and said in a voice that the three men knew but Ms. Hills didn’t

“Bring her to a safe location that means her house.” Jack told forcefully

“Jack I am afraid…” the short one began then Jack got right in his face and started to choke him stating like it was god who was telling this man to do this.

“No you will do this if you don’t when they find you will be nothing but a memory.”

“Ok we will take her home.” The small man managed

“She comes first.”

“Don’t worry Jack he will get her home you have to come with me.” Said a voice that Ms. Hills could only place as cocky sort of but if u paid attention to it became dark like a demon an old man in a wheel chair but it looked he should of retried years ago but only temporary stop work to get a lost property found.

“Ok Mr. Goodson let’s do this.” Jack then walked toward Mr. Goodson away form the only path of light he would ever find but there was more to this story than these pages tell.

End of book 1

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