Sunday, May 1, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Twilight’s Dawn

Title: Twilight’s Dawn

Author: Anne Bishop

Publisher: Harper Collins

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9780732290955

Release Date: 01/04/11

Pages: 512


′Intrigue, mystery and passion′ Midwest Book Review

Return to the world of the Black Jewels.

Four fabulous stories set in the extraordinary Realms of the Blood...

As Daemon settles into married life with his Witch Queen Jaenelle, he discovers that hosting Winsol for his formidable family can be complicated. When Surreal′s former lover challenges the rule of her family, she becomes vulnerable to the burning darkness inside her. After Queen Sylvia and her sons are attacked, the High Lord and his family race against time to uncover the identity of a murderous warlord. And when Daemon loses two of the most important people in his life, it seems that no one can break through the wall around his heart. But love has the capacity to surprise us all...


′a wonderful addition to the Black Jewels Trilogy′ SF Site

′required reading′ Green Man Review

′Bishop′s talent brings the world to life and creates characters who will intrigue, outrage and captivate the reader′ ROMANTIC TIMES


Twilight’s Dawn is the ninth book in The Black Jewels series by author Anne Bishop. It is really part of a series and not a standalone book that you could pick up and really appreciate without having read the previous eight books. This one is made up of four individual stories with an overarching storyline. The stories are;

Winsol Gifts where Daemon settles into his role as the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan, which basically means now that Janelle is healthy, he has to absorb and perform all of the duties that many others performed for him without his knowledge.

Shades of Honour - Lucivar and Falonar struggle for power. This larger story in this novella is so perfectly unbelievable as to be completely ridiculous. We are asked to believe that Lucivar is afraid of Falonar and is still tormented (rendered powerless) by being called a "half-breed bastard".

Family - The action centres on Sylvia's family & a vicious serial killer of boys. I have nothing against Sylvia but I don't really care to read a whole novella about her.

The High Lord's Daughter - jumps one hundred years in about five hops. The novella is subtitled "A Story That Spans Decades." There is no "story." The majority of the chapters are about 5-7 pages. This sharp difference in the size of the chapters is indicative of the novella's disjointedness.

The Black Jewels Saga is not a romance series. It is a work of what I would consider true fantasy. In true fantasy there is comfort, Joy, anger, rage, sorrow, hatred, and love. Those true fantasy writers, like Ms. Bishop, imbues her world, and her characters will all this and more taking her readers along for the ride.

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