Saturday, May 21, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: True Happiness

Title: True Happines

Author: Dr Mark Atkinson

Publisher: Piatkus

RRP: $32.99

ISBN: 97807849929169

Release Date: May 2011

Pages: 336


True Happiness

Your complete guide to emotional health

Mark Atkinson

Experiencing true happiness and emotional well-being is not only deeply fulfilling, it helps you thrive and achieve your potential, and is good for your health. This inspiring, 8-step, drug-free programme comes from an expert in natural health and emotion

Are you happy and fulfilled Do you feel content with your relationships and your life If not, this groundbreaking book is for you. Written by Dr Mark Atkinson, a medical doctor and emotional-health expert, its innovative, mind-body approach will help you live a truly healthy, happy life. Based on the successful strategies he uses with patients, Dr Atkinson shows you, step by step, how to experience the deep sense of inner well-being that characterises true happiness.

Discover: how to identify and overcome the underlying emotional, psychological and biochemical barriers to health and happiness; tools for managing your emotions and thoughts more skilfully; unique drug-free techniques for tackling low mood, anxiety and stress; inspiring case studies; questionnaires, simple exercises and easy-to-follow advice to help you uncover your true self and create a life of fulfilment and meaning.


Dr Mark Atkinson MMBS is an integrative medical doctor specialising in psychological well-being and emotional health. He is also the founder of the Academy of Human Potential, one of the UK's leading personal development companies.


I enjoying reading self help books, always looking for advice and tips on how to deal with stress and other issues that arise out of everyday living in today’s world. Every now and then you come across a good book that has some great tips that are easy to follow and don’t take an expert to teach you.

Atkinson’s book was a very interesting and helpful book, covering some new techniques that I’ve already begun applying with some success.

Give it a try if you’ve already had a go with some other books and haven’t had any luck, this one may help.

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