Friday, May 13, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: English Ruins

Title: English Ruins

Author: Jeremy Musson

Publisher: Merrell Publishers

RRP: $59.99

ISBN: 978185845439

Release Date: April 2011

Pages: 192


The English landscape is steeped in ruins. Markers of the nation's rich and often turbulent history, ruins represent not only the passing of time but also the constant presence of the past. In English Ruins, renowned architectural historian Jeremy Musson explores some of England's most evocative derelict and abandoned buildings, from churches, castles and forts to country houses, industrial works and even entire villages. Following a wide-ranging introduction examining the role of the English ruin in defining the nation's identity, Musson surveys each of the featured sites, revealing its past, present and future in fascinating detail. Lavishly illustrated throughout with stunning images by Paul Barker, one of the country's foremost architectural photographers, English Ruins is an invaluable guide to a much-loved aspect of English history.

About the Author

Jeremy Musson is an architectural historian, writer and broadcaster. Formerly Architectural Editor of Country Life magazine, he is the author of several books on British country houses.

Photographs by Paul Barker

Paul Barker is a leading architectural photographer. His work is regularly featured in a variety of magazines, and has appeared in several books. He works regularly with English Heritage and the Landmark Trust.


English Ruins is a spectacular and breathe taking visual history of the most amazing buildings in England. There are plenty of full colour photos of castles, abbeys, and other ancient structures with details of the history behind these buildings. If you are interested in medieval life, then these photos and the related history will fascinate and titillate your senses.

Apart from the ancient structures, there are also newer buildings, such as ruins from industrial factories and warehouses that are almost as amazing in many cases.

You get a great sense of heritage from England’s long history through this brilliantly illustrated book.

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