Monday, January 31, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Tomorrow When The War Began 7: The Other Side Of Dawn

Title: The Other Side of Dawn

Author: John Marsden

Publisher: Pan Australia

RRP: $18.99

ISBN: 9780330403863

Release Date: 01-08-2010

Pages: 288


Daylight couldn't be far away, and if they hadn't found me by then, it wouldn't take long once the sun came up. The drops of blood would be a dead give-away. "Dead" in every sense of the word.

With a roar like a train in a tunnel, the war enters its final days. Ellie has to be on that train. There's no more sitting around, no more waiting. There's only fast decisions, fast action, fast thinking.

And she'd better get it right. With all their being, Ellie and her friends want to stay alive. But there's a war out there. And it has to be won. The end is here...

Author Information

John Marsden is Australia's bestselling author for teenagers and a highly acclaimed picture book writer. His previous titles include Winter, The Head Book, The Boy You Brought Home and Millie.

John Marsden lives at the Tye Estate, just outside of Melbourne, where he opened a school called Candlebark in January 2006. The school currently has 52 students, ranging from Prep to Year 7.


The seventh and final book in the Tomorrow When The War Began. The group are still on the run after their haven of Hell being discovered in the previous book. At least the war seems to be coming to an end with Australia signing a Peace Treaty with the invaders and forming a new nation. I am a bit disappointed by this outcome as an Aussie, I’d really hate to see us loose our way of life if such an outcome really came to pass.

The ending really does leave it open to a new series though as a new nation, I can imagine the sort of social upheaval and conflict in nations such as the Middle East and Ireland.

This series was extremely entertaining and I’d recommend it to adult readers even though it is a YA series.

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