Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review: Odd Is On Our Side By Dean Koontz

Odd Is On Our Side By Dean Koontz

ISBN: 9780007371112;

ISBN10: 000737111X;

On Sale: 14/12/2010;

Format: Paperback;

Trimsize: 198 x 130 x 12 mm;

Pages: 208;

RRP: $24.99

Book Description

It′s almost Halloween in Pico Mundo, and that means time for the annual Safe Halloween Party, hosted by Police Chief Porter. All seems perfectly normal - until Odd catches sight of the ghost of a young girl who seems to be trying to join in the festivities.

Odd′s next clue that something threatens his peaceful town is the appearance of a swarm of bodachs - supernatural beings who herald some deadly event. With the help of his girlfriend, Stormy, and some vital information from the ghost of Elvis Presley, will Odd be able to forestall disaster?


For those adult readers familiar with the Odd series of novels by Koontz may find that the graphic novel series travels along in an alternate timeline or world. The characters will be familiar to those readers already fans of the Odd series, but with slight twists.

Odd is On Our Side is set during Halloween, giving the artist free reign to go helter skelter with the costumes and character representations of the Koontz created characters.

I enjoyed this graphic novel and will definitely be collecting them as well as Koontz’s Odd novels.

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