Friday, January 28, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Dexter In The Dark – Book 3 by Jeff Lindsay

Title: Dexter In The Dark – Book 3

Author: Jeff Lindsay

Publisher: Orion Fiction

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9780752881607

Release Date: July 2008

Pages: 384


Dexter Morgan is busy planning his wedding to Rita to complete his nice-guy disguise. But when a student is found burnt, molested and headless - seemingly sacrificed to an ancient god - and Dex is brought in as forensic analyst to help investigate, he realises he could be dealing with someone a whole lot more sinister than he is.

As Halpern and Dexter are stalked by death, it looks like it's getting personal - especially as Dex now has a family to protect. Gradually, Dexter realises his stepchildren might share his extracurricular interest in death.

Could he help them target their bloodlust, just as he steers his own? But to do that, Dex must cope with a certain mutilated sergeant from his past and more importantly...stay alive...


Dexter in the Dark is the third book in the thrilling crime series about a killer with a code, Harry’s Code. In this book we see our anti-hero spending more time planning his wedding to Rita and raising his step-kids than hunting down deserving victims and cutting them up. If you’ve been watching the TV series, you’ll notice a stark difference in how Dexter raises Cody and Astor. In the series, he hides his true identity from them, yet in the book, we see Dexter wanting to raise them in his mould, apprentice serial killers.

I’ve seen some pretty harsh reviews about this third book in the series, but don’t understand why. Perhaps it is the views of those who are the TV show fans rather than the fans of the books. After the first book the plots really began to take different paths, with the show only using the characters Lindsay creates and some of the sub-plots.

I found Dexter in the Dark to be a well written novel, showing the conflict of normality with The Dark Passenger. The secret life becoming exposed to those close to Dexter. Lindsay hits the mark with showing us another side of Dexter.

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