Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review: David Bowie: The Story Behind Every Song by Chris Welch

David Bowie: The Story Behind Every Song by Chris Welch

Product Details

• ISBN: 9781847326638

• Category: Film, Television, Music, Theatre

• Format: Hardback

• Publication Date: 2011-01-10

• Publisher: Carlton Books, Limited

• Illustrations: 140 colour & b/w photographs

• Country of origin: GBR

• Pages: 192

• Pagination: 160 pages, 140 colour & b/w photographs

• Dimensions (mm): 194 x 140

David Bowie: The Story Behind Every Song

David Bowie is the quintessential musical chameleon, shifting from glam rocker and commercial popster to actor and avant-garde composer. Through an exploration of his diverse body of work, Chris Welch reveals that the only constant in Bowie's career are his incredible voice, imagination, and talent for artistic reincarnation.

Book Review

If you’re a David Bowie fan then this is a book for you, especially if you are interested in the stories behind every song on Bowie’s early albums. While only 192 pages, the book covers a decade of Bowie’s music, and also includes snippets of other areas of his life.

Each album is covered track by track from his self title debut in the late 60’s to Scary Monster in the eighties. Some of the later tracks of the eighties are briefly mentioned, but this book really just focuses on the first decade of the artist’s recording career.

There was a lot of interesting information about collaborations that Bowie did with, Marc Bolan, John Lennon, Bing Crosby and Freddie Mercury, which I found particularly interesting as I wasn’t aware of the Bolan and Lennon songs.

Each chapter covers an album in chronological order, with cover art and track listing on the first page of the chapter, followed by a brief recount of the major events in Bowie’s life around that particular period.

Not a bad little book at all.

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