Thursday, February 10, 2011


Title: Ukiyo-E

Author: Frederick Harris

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

RRP: $44.99

ISBN: 9784805310984

Release Date: March 2011


A gorgeous collection of ukiyo-e, a unique and beautiful Japanese print art form that originated in the metropolitan culture of Edo (Tokyo) in the early 17th century and involved collaboration between artist, carver, printer and publisher. The ukiyo-e in this book reflect not only Japan’s rich history and way of life but also reveal the author’s love affair with an art form that has captured the imagination of people all over the world.


The author has put a lot of work into this book and it was worth it. The end result of the research and selection of images makes this book a fantastic visual account of the Japanese print art style.

After reading the book, I now have a better understanding of Japanese painting and what makes it tick. The paintings are beautiful. The descriptions of each piece of work, the artist and reasoning behind it and its history are fabulous.

There is one section that i wouldn’t let small children see and as they say on TV, Parental Guidance is Recommended.

No matter what the culture behind the book is I would say don’t give this to your son or leave him alone with it.

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