Thursday, February 10, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Rustic Elegance

Title: Rustic Elegance

Author: Ralph Kylloe
Publisher: Gibbs Smith

RRP: $90.00

ISBN: 9781423605492

Release Date: March 2011


Exuding luxury and comfort, history and innovation, here are 13 newly handcrafted log and stone homes

that surpass all expectations of quality and creativity.

Beautifully photographed, this is a terrific reference for those interested in rustic interior design.


Do you ever wish you lived in a log cabin? These houses are the deluxe or creame of the crop of not only a log cabin, but any style of house.

The craftsmanship shown is extraordinary. If I wanted to go native, these are the places I would love to go and stay at. The majestic beauty of these natural materials and designs is breathtaking. Each house is a work of art more than just a place to live. But be warned, for the ordinary person, these homes are just a dream.

The book outlines each home and points out the decorative details. I really appreciated the architecture and photography.

Buy this book if you want cabin envy and an excellent reference book for design.

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