Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Surprise Garden

The Surprise Garden

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 276

One bright and glorious spring afternoon while, their mom and dad were running errands, Angelina and her little brother, Scott, decided to surprise their mom and dad by planting a garden. Angelina went to the garage, got a pick and shovel, and started to get the soil ready while Scott rode his bike to the market to buy some seeds.

Angelina was making smashing progress in the backyard. Of course, she first had to rest up a lot of the lawn so there would be plenty of room for the new garden.

Then Scott rode into the backyard. His backpack was bulging! He pulled out carrot seeds, tiny pink Daisy seedlings, a can of sunflower seeds, and a big jar of pickled pizza.

“OK,” said Angelina, "I get the carrot seeds and Daisy seedlings, but what about the other stuff?”

“Well, Mom's favorite flowers are sunflowers, and Dad's favorite snack is pickled pizza, so I figured we'd plant a nice pickled pizza tree! Hell yeah, why are you looking at me like I'm smoking and spluttering?” asked Scott.

“Umm… because you don't get tall sunflowers from roasted, salted sunflower seeds! And you certainly can't grow a pickled pizza tree!” explained Angelina softly.

Just then, their mom and dad came home. They jumped in the backyard and helped Angelina and Scott plant the carrot seeds and Daisy seedlings. They replanted some of the lawn, too. After they were done, they had a very unusual picnic of sunflower seeds and pickled pizza.

Dad said, “What a surprise this was!”

Mom agreed, “I never knew our kids had such green thumbs!”

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