Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Crazy Night at the Library

A Crazy Night at the Library

By Scott Wilson

Word Count:141
One night something really bizzare and freaky happened at the library. The characters in the stories started laughing from their books!

Roland climbed into Charlotte's Web and started smoking with Wilbur the Pig! Jack Ryan wandered into an encyclopedia and ended up lost in Brisbane!

The craziest part was when The Vampire Lestat wandered into The Dark Tower and said, “Osca, I don't think we're in Queensland any more.”

Then Veronica walked in and said, “Ouch! Everybody back in place!”

The characters flew around the room. Just in time! The students in grade ten came in to get books for their reports, but it was safe. All the characters were back in the books where they belonged

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