Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reel Life

Reel Life
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 186

Boris sunk his two, pearl white teeth into the neck of the female actor lying half-naked on the satin sheets of the large brass bed. All props were dirt cheap in this remake of the classic, Dracula movie. She screamed, and the producer smiled widely. It sounded so believable that he would not need a second take.

“Cut,” the director yelled.

Boris continued gouging the beautiful, young actress’s neck, blood spraying on the sheets like a fountain and running onto the floor.

“Hey, Boris,” yelled the director. “You can stop now. The scene is pure gold, my boy.”

Boris turned around, a crimson beard running down his chin and onto his shirt. The director cringed. It looked so real, amazing what the special effects guys can do on a low budget flick like this, he thought.

The four other crew on the set thought the same, but nobody said it aloud.

“Fantastic acting, Deidre,” the director said.

Deidre did not move.

Before the crew or director could move in to check on Deidre, Boris leapt from man to man, tearing their throats with long, talon-like fingers.

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