Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life's a Cliché!

Life's a Cliché!

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 178

Charles: Were you surprised when the Red Socks lost?
Pat: Surprised? You could have knocked me over with a potato.

Charles: I think the weather had a lot to do with it.
Pat: Yes, the field was in terrible shape. It had been raining snakes and cows up until the time the game started.

Charles: What do you think of the catcher?
Pat: He's a problem. He's out of shape. The coach should take the seagull by the toes and fire him!

Charles: We don't see neck to neck on this at all. I think the catcher is in great shape. He's as fit as a harpsichord.
Pat: How can you say that? He got on the team by the skin of his ankles.

Charles: You may be right. But you and I know how it is. That's just the way the meat pie bounces.

Pat: Well, time certainly does eat. I've got to be getting home now.

Charles: See you tomorrow, I hope. It's always fun passing the breeze with you.

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