Friday, January 30, 2009

Looks like, um, Magic to Me

Looks like, um, Magic to Me

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 398

“Magic,” said the wizard, “I don’t know nothing about magic, sonny.”

The chief of the city guard, Mr. Tunderblow, raised an eyebrow, looking the wizard up and down. He certainly looked like the sort of person who would know exactly everything there is to know about magic. He wore a long purple robe embroided with gold stars and moons, tall pointy hat with the Wizard’s Guild emblem sewn on the black silk band running around the circumference. A small black stick with a shiny silver tip, that looked terribly much like a wand to the Tunderblow.

“You sure you know nothin’ ‘bout magic or the like, Mister?” he said. “From the pictures I saw hanging outside the Wizards Guild; you look like one of them high level associates to me.”

“No, no, no,” the wizard said, “I’m just on the way to a fancy dress party at the Horn and Blow.”

A small black crow, sitting on the wizard’s shoulder cawed loudly, then said, “Potion’s got to be just about ready master. Better get back home before it boils over.”

Tunderblow raised his eyebrow again, “What’s he talking about then, Mister?”

“Came with the costume. I suspect he’s been trained to say things like that to give the outfit, authenticity.”


“To make it look real.”

“Does a good job at that then. You’ve got me believing that you are a fully fledged man of the magic world.”

“Yes, I’m rather impressed with the quality of service and materials provided. Come to think of it, how do I know you aren’t just some footpad dressed up as an officer of the city guard? Just about everybody in the better part of town is going to the King’s Ball. Which I will be late for if you detain me any longer.”

“Well, I could get my official club out and let you inspect it, close up if you like. That’s a pretty sure way to convince you. Official seal on it and all.”

“Oh, look. I don’t have time for this. I must be on my way.”

“Okay then, Mister. I’ll let you be on your way if you can answer one more question to my satisfaction.”

“No problems at all.”

“What is that frog doing wearing the baker’s apron, sitting behind the counter in this bakery and why don't you seem too suprised about being served by an amphibian?”

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