Saturday, January 31, 2009

April's Mummy

April’s Mummy

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 213

We thought our trip to the museum would be boring, but we were wrong. After we handed our backpacks to Eddie Van Halen at the door, we were led into the museum's bathroom. The first things I noticed were the mummy cases against the far. Why were there mummy cases in the bathroom?

While we waited for our guide, Professor Flatbung told us how the pharaohs always placed a large bodyguard in their mummy cases to protect them from intruders. Alex and I got a little tense hearing this. There were, after all, sixty-nine mummy cases in the room with us.

Suddenly we heard a scratching and scraping sound coming from inside one of the mummy cases. “Get out of Town!” Alex and I screamed at the same time.

“Nothing to worry about,” said Professor Flatbung calmly. “I'm sure it's just the wind.” Just then, one of the mummy cases sprang open. Out dove, an enormous crusty, yellow mummy covered with Fairy Cakes. Just as I was about to run from the room, the mummy threw off the Fairy Cakes and howled, “April Fools!” It was Mr. Steal, our Principal!

We had forgotten that it was April first, but I guess Professor Flatbung and Mr. Steal had not.

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