Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Cool Grand-Ogres

My Cool Grand-Ogres

By Scott Wilson

Word Count:221

My grand-ogres just came to visit my family and me. They do different things for fun than kids do. I like to hang out with my friends at Gunther's Arms and Archery at the mall, but my grand-ogres like to browse for hours at Herman's Haberdashery. Do anyone else's grand-ogres like to do that?

Both of my grand-ogres are really cool. They like to wear Goblin Skin Boots that look just like something Brad Pit-bull would wear. We talk about the latest live theater, music, and gladiator shows. I really like Some Like it Just a Bit Warmer Than Comfortable, and my grandma said she does too. Her favorite actress is Marilyn Munrolover! I can't believe how cool my grandma is!

And my grandpa is just as cool. We talk about Led Balloon all the time! He knows all their music. He even owns The Caverns of the Holy, Magic Disc. He said that the next time Led Balloon come to Graysville for a concert, he would take me! I can hardly wait. He will be the coolest grandpa at the Led Balloon concert, and I will be so happy to be there with him. He even promised to buy me a Magic Disc Player from the Wizards Guild next time he visits the city.

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