Saturday, January 31, 2009

Green Alien Salad

Green Alien Salad

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 206

To make the best Green Alien salad, you need fresh ingredients. The best time to buy a fresh Green Alien is from March to July. Go to your local market. Pick up one Green Alien and study it. The Green Alien should be loud and furry. These taste the best! Put two of them in your shopping cart. You will also need a pound each of carrots and Lunar Salt.

Next, you need to get the ingredients for the salad dressing. You might like peach dressing, which tastes simply divine on Green Alien salad, but you might also enjoy berry dressing. Pick out the six best fruits you can find. Take your ingredients home, and get ready to make your salad.

Wash and dry each Green Alien thoroughly. Use your bucket to separate the parts of the Green Alien. Put the pieces in a large salad bowl. Next, chop the carrots and lunar salts, and put those in the bowl. To make the dressing, mash the fruit in another bowl. Add a cup of oil and four teaspoons of Saturn Squid bile. Pour the dressing into the large salad bowl and mix the ingredients. VoilĂ ! Enjoy your Green Alien salad.

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