Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flight From Hell

Flight from Hell
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 145

Tasmanian passengers told of their horrific terror aboard a Brisbane bound Virgin Blue flight, which was advised it was in the best interests of the plane to return to Adelaide yesterday due to running out of Everybody Loves Raymond episodes.

Some passengers were vexed that the 943 passengers were told few details of the kerfuffle.

They said the plane “Flew slowly with the engines screaming like Shannon Noll trying to sing” before turning around.

As a precaution, fire trucks were on standby when the Boeing 747 landed.

Passenger ... we can”t show you his name, but he was a very scared man last night ... was still recovering from the ordeal.

“It”s a good thing I was wearing the brown underwear”, the passenger said.

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