Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orc Justice

Orc Justice
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 344

"Look officer”, he said, “I was checking the attic insulation, and I found this blood stained bayonet taped to the roof. I bought the house a year ago and I have no idea how long it has been there”.

“A likely story, Sonny-Jim,” said P.C Gruelkracken. “You’re an ‘uman spy now ain’ ya?”

“No, human... I am all orc. Ma was the handmaiden to the royal princess and dad was chief guard in the Red Skull Battalion.”

“Wha’ ya doin’ with ‘uman stuff in the attic then, hey?”

“Like I already told you, I found it when I was doing a spot of renovating. Why would I report it to the city guard if I was a human spy?”

P.C Gruelkracken tilted the torch forward so that the light from the blazing flame shone directly in the criminal’s eyes. He held his hand up to shield his eyes. Well he would have if they weren’t manacled to the stone floor of the interrogation room. As it was, all he managed to do was almost dislocate his shoulders and singe his eyebrows when he jerked forward.

“’ang on, governor,” Gruelkracken said. “You wanna try an’ add attempted escape to the charges?”

“Look, I am the one who came to you,” the prisoner said.

“That’s not ‘ow I remember it. Way I see it; I brought you in as a suspect for the leader of the HASNOT’s.”

“What the hell is HASNOT’s?”

“Don’ play dumb wit’ me. Everyone knows about the Human Alliance of Supporters and Not Orc Types. And you bear a splittin’ resemblance to their leader.”


Gruelkracken pulled a gag over the prisoner’s mouth and bound it tightly.

“Save your whinnin’ for the Cap’n. You can’ get yourself out of this, governor. Orc’s don’ beg for mercy, so you’ll make yourself look like a HASNOT if you try an’ deny it.”

The prisoner’s eye flared open in realization of the predicament.

“An’ this arrest will finally give me the street cred to get that promotion I been af’r.”

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L. Clarke said...

G,day sounds like a Jack The Ripper investigation.
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