Saturday, January 31, 2009

Passion for Orestes

Passion for Orestes
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 170

Julian chuckled. He was hot stuff. Just a week (a week? It seemed like 24,601 years!) ago, he had been sure that he would never fall in love, that he would resist the taunts of his friends and remain virginal for the Republic. Any passion he felt was directed towards his mission impossible: to lead the people of France into revolution and thereby annoy his parents. One week, and he felt like he had a second chance at life.

He turned his sultry eyes toward the love of his life, Danielle: that surprisingly strong yet beautiful girl he had once tried to forbid from joining the Amis de l'ABC.

“Want to start a revolution?” he murmured softly. “Even that annoying artillery sergeant could not keep me from you. A love like ours is stronger than both of us.”

He smiled, hoping the stains would wash out of his vest

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