Tuesday, July 12, 2011

POETRY: Sea of Dreams by Sarah E. White

Standing on the precipice of a vast and glimmering ocean

In the depths of which are all of your hopes and dreams

Diving in head first as dreamers often do

You are quickly submerged

Mesmerized by the weight of what you have done

The gravity of the reality of pursuing a dream

You push off the rocky bottom to emerge once more

Gulping and gasping for air

Once back on the surface you can see boats and ships sailing quietly by Already floating on the surface of their dreams

Never even glancing your way as you paddle within the depths of yours

Your arms grow tired and your legs begin to cramp

Yet you struggle on

The weight of your dream pulling you down

Those ships float right by as you sink

The cool water of that dream tugging on you

Losing yourself in it

Tired of swimming

Weary of the struggle

The hopeless horizon with the outline of those uncaring ships

Silently now sinking, finally giving in

Bubbles emerging as the life of your dream escapes from you

The dark blue waters fade to darkness around you

Then something

A rumbling of rushing water churns around you

Someone diving down to grab you

Pulling you up out of the depths, out of the cold

Supporting you now on that ocean

Floating now with you on that sea of dreams

Propelling you forward into a now hopeful horizon

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