Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Issues Out Now

The May and June issues of The Fringe Magazine are complete and ready for purchase for only $2.99 per copy. We've got some great new fiction from new and well published authors plus two author interviews per issue.

May's issue includes Fiction by LaVa Payne, Stefan milicevic, Rod Hamon, Al Carty, Krista Duggin, Jason E Hodges, M.J.Wesolowski, Mark Smith, Ollice McLean and R.S.Payne. Poetry by Sarah E White.

And Interviews with James Phelan and Madeline Roux

June's issue includes Fiction by Robert Drake, Midnight Mike Phillips, Aveline Benson, Stephen Book, Sarah Marie, Belinda Rees, P.I.Barrington, Rehka Ambardar,  A.K. Duvall, and Jason E. Hodges.

And Interviews with Paul Collins and Daniel H Wilson

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