Saturday, July 30, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Rogue Gadda

Title: Rogue Gadda

Author: Nicole Murphy

Publisher: Harper Collins

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9780732291631

Release Date: July 2011

Pages: 416


Asarlai has set loose one of the most dangerous gadda who has ever lived. As she regains control of her plans, she finds a powerful ally and the pressure builds to stop her and retrieve the Forbidden Texts before she can change the world forever.

Hampton Rourke is convinced he′s not the right man to be leading the search for Asarlai. He′s come so close and failed so many times - what guarantee is there he can ultimately succeed? When the clues lead to Boston and he stumbles upon one of the fabled lost families, Hampton faces challenges that will test his faith not just in himself, but in his power.

To make the situation even more complicated, Hampton finds himself unwillingly drawn to Charlotte Haraldson, a woman who hates gadda and power. But she might hold the secret to finally stopping Asarlai for good. Does he dare risk his heart for the sake of all gadda?

Praise for Nicole Murphy:


′compelling′ KIWI REVIEWS


Rogue Gadda is the third and final book in the Dream of Asarli series by Aussie author Nicole Murphy. I have been looking forward to reading this book since finishing the second book last year.

The beauty of this book, other than the fantastic writing, engaging characters and interesting story that kept me flipping through pages at lightning speed, was that I feel like the trilogy was wrapped up but at the same time there are plenty of things she could do with world/race of gadda and I will be there for all of them. I have always loved the originality and unique angle of magic of Murphy and she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

If you have enjoyed the fast paced plot and great characters of Murphy’s series then you will absolutely love the last book in the trilogy. The story is wound up nicely and there is nothing left unresolved, but enough for the story to be continued in another set of books.

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