Monday, July 25, 2011

FICTION: Crème de Menthe By Jerome Brooke

“You look so sweet in blue, Andre. Turn around.”

I turned, to show Madame T the new suit she had bought for me in the afternoon. As I turned, Madame patted me on the rear.

“Sit down, sweet lad.”

Helena brought us small glasses of the cordial Madame favored. I sipped the crème de menthe.

“You are so kind, Madame T. I am only your clerk, you are so generous,” I said, softly.

I had been in the service of Madame for only a few days. She had accepted my services on the recommendations of her advocate in Paris – my uncle. I had been in Haiti for only a week.

“Are you afraid of a lady, Andre?”

Madame placed her hand on my knee. I took her hand, and kissed it lightly.

“You look so attractive in white, Madame.”

I kissed her arm, and placed my hand on her thigh. The woman responded with an alluring smile. I slipped my hand under the top of her dress, then onto her breast.

“Come, pretty lad. You can help me with my bath.”

Helena carried in a tub, and left it in the corned of the room. She and another maid then carried in canisters of water, placing them by the tub. They then, with a knowing glance at me, began to help madam off with her dress. Madame T was a matron of age, and very plump.

“Take off your things, babie. Do not be shy!” Madame called.

I placed my things on her divan. I turned to find Madame standing in the tub. Helena gave me a pail of water. I went to the tub, and poured the water over the woman.


I noticed that Helena and the other maid were leaving the room. Madame pulled me into the tub with her. I picked up another pail, and poured it over my head. Madame then went to her knees, and pulled me to her.

“You need a little help, Babie.”

She began to toy with me, then to use her tongue to make me strong.

“There we are, babie!”

Madame rose, and stepped from the tub. We dried off with the towels left by Helena, then retired to the bed. Madame pushed me down, and climbed atop. She placed a knee on each side of my head, and then slipped over my face. I began to explore her soft folds, and to flick her point of pleasure.

Madame began to moan, then to cry out in passion. She then slipped to my side, and used her tongue to ready me once more. She then mounted me at the waist, guiding me inside with her hand. Once more, she found pleasure. When she began to tire, she fell to my side, and pulled me to her. She began to toy with me as before. I began to thrust between her lips. I soon felt her bite down – she had fallen asleep.

After a time, I pulled back. Madame was asleep – a white streak on her cheek. I used a strand of her grey hair to dry myself. I then placed a coverlet over, and then rose from the bed.

I mused that if Madame was pleased, she might buy me more fine attire!

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