Friday, July 15, 2011

Australian Distributor Shuts it's Doors

It was sad to hear today that one of the suppliers of many of our review books, The Scribo Group, will be closing it's doors on 31 July 2011. Only 3 years after Gordon and Gotch acquired Scribo, they have decided to shut it down, another victim of the recent major bookstore collapse in Australia.

Scribo opted to wind down and let go of staff because its "traditional route to market" has been squeezed by the Red Group administration, among other pressures.

Craig Davison, director of PMP's Gordon & Gotch magazine distribution arm, said Scribo had lost 20% of its business in seven months, due in part to the closures of Borders and Angus & Robertson.

"Significant changes to market conditions have impacted the performance of The Scribo Group to the extent that the decision has been made to close the business.

"All publishers and retailers have been advised of this decision and trading with both sectors will be finalised over coming months."

Davison said the decision was due to "increase in offshore online sales", "closure of key retail outlets, including the Red Group", and "increased competition from international wholesalers on the back of the strong Australian dollar".

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Hunter Shea said...

With each passing closing of another bookstore or publisher, I feel like I'm losing another piece of myself. Books have been such a large part of my life, I worry about what the future holds. I just keep hoping that the industry will find a new center and gravity will be restored.