Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FICTION: Lady of Power By Jerome Brooke

“Come, Lady of Power!” called Juliette, the leader of the coven. “Your daughters await you!”

“Hear our plea!” was the response of the skyclad acolytes of the Voudou coven.

The wise women circled the fire on the deserted strand, as the eye of the goddess stared down. The senior priestess, a woman of Haite, was of middle years, and a little plump. She gestured to me, calling me to her side.

I came forward, and gave her the bowl of wine. She sipped from the bowl, and passed it to one of the other women. She embraced me, and kissed my cheek.

“Now, beloved of the moon goddess,” she commanded.

One of the acolytes spread a cloth on the sand. I lay upon the cloth, chilled in the night air. The surf pounded upon the rocks along the edge of the sea. Juliet came to me, and climbed atop my form. One of her knees was on each side of my head. She slipped down onto my face.

I traced the lines of her womanhood, flipping her clitoris with my tongue. The woman soon cried out in passion. After a moment, she went to my side, and made me ready with her tongue. She then, climbed atop me once more, helping me to enter her with her dark fingers.

She moaned, as she rose and fell. Her face became covered with tears.

“We call thee, goddess!” called the women of the circle.

The acolytes had gathered round, excited by the scene of passion. Juliette once more called out, in the grip of passion. She pulled off, and sat on the edge of the cloth. She was replaced by another of her sisters, seeking to have my tongue lick her between her legs.

The women each took their turn, atop my face. Some also sought to have penetration, if they were able to keep me strong.

At last, Juliette pulled me to my side, and began the lick and suck my manhood. I began to thrust between her lips, aroused by the contrast between my pale flesh and the ebony skin of hers. I felt myself jet out into her mouth. She gave a startled moan of surprise, at the quantity. She then slowly pulled back, sucking to catch all of her prize.

She sat back, and opened her mouth wide, and allowed a thin stream of white to run down her chin. One of the other women knelt at her side, kissing her – her tongue darting inside. Another woman began to lick me, to catch any drops that remained.

Juliette came to me, and helped me up. I was given a cloth by one of the women, and threw it over myself.

“You are very strong, lover,” said Juliette. “The goddess will grant you great power!”

The End

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