Friday, September 10, 2010

Stalemate by Ron Koppelberger

Stalemate by Ron Koppelberger

Transcending the peaceable direction of the parties dissolution, the collision of rebel souls went forward in obstinate glaring standoff. Kodak was stoned in an oblivious mystic glade of swirling images and echoing challenge. He would win the drink-off and Lansing will jus loose he thought in a drunken stupor. Kodak grabbed his whiskey shot and drained it in a synchronous movement with Lansing who gulped the fiery shot with a growl.

Spittle drizzled onto Kodiaks blue striped shirt, staining the vast expanse of material it took to cover his 400 pound frame.

Lansing was a wisp compared to Kodak weighing in at 150 pounds and at six foot two he appeared somewhat emaciated, this led Kodak to exclaim, “I’ll drink ya under the table string bean!” Lansing swayed as he poured whiskey into the two shot glasses. Kodak grinned and grabbed at the shot. The tiny glass was embossed in scarlet and read,


Kodak squinted at the words and fixed Lansing with a myopic stare.

Lansing examined the contents of his glass and in consideration licked his lips. The two wooden backed wicker chairs creaked as they both shifted for the next round.
In unchaste synchronicity they both leaned back the dollop of whiskey. In unison both chairs tilted back on two legs as they drank. In quantifiable dissension the two toppled over simultaneously. Kodiaks head hit the floor and cracked like a ripe melon. He died thereafter. Lansing rolled into the floor with supple ease.

The driving force of fate hastened the lanky drinkers demise. He managed to crawl out the front door through a clutch of Azalea bushes and Bougainvillea. Still on his knees Lansing crawled into the street where his Toyota 4x4 waited.

The flashlight beams of the oncoming vehicle shone in his eyes for a brief moment as the black SUV established it’s dominion over Lansing. Lansing was nearly torn in half by the impact.

The verdant demon smiled at the outcome of the drink-off cackling in a dry brimstone respect he looked toward the heavens,” one for you and one for me.” he laughed.

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