Saturday, September 11, 2010

God Denied By Lee Pletzers

God Denied

by Lee Pletzers

His knees hurt but he refused to rise. The wooden pallet he knelt on was rough wood and a few frayed splinters had punctured his skin, pressing deeply into the flesh.

There was wetness around and on his knees. He knew it was blood, but he needed to pray, and suffering was a part of it. He was God’s servant and on bended knee, he would serve.

High above him, in his private study, hung a large cross with the effigy of Christ nailed to it. Gerald gazed into those wondrous, all-knowing sad blue eyes for hours, seeking answers to his questions.

His life changed nine months ago. God spoke of the world crumbling down around him. Lucifer danced on the pieces clattering at his feet. Broken images laughing, twisted smiles, cracked faces.

He knew the message God delivered.
Her name was Cheryl, and she was sixteen years old. The moment he saw her, he knew she was infected with sin. Lucifer was inside her, massaging her soul. Preparing it for an eternity of pain and wanton lust.

God ordered him to free her from the brand of sixes.

It wasn’t an easy task.
He was doing God’s work.

She fought him every step of the way. She kicked and screamed and struggled and scarred his cheeks with her fingernails. Even with his measured thrusts inside her, she kept fighting, until she could fight no longer.

He begged every night at his altar for help, assistance.

For nine months, he prayed. For nine months, he worked to get the Devil out of the girl, keeping her chained in the cellar, until it was time. Until she finally spat the evil out.

In his study, the effigy of Christ stared down at him. Unhelpful in every way. The image pitied him, weakened him. God still wasn’t pleased.

He looked up into the eyes of Christ -- his Christ -- where blood still dripped from the sixteen-year-old wrists nailed to the board. Against his knees a fetus lay still, umbilical cord twisted to the gutted stomach of his savior.

His Christ with the sad blue eyes.


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