Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Bitten and Smitten: Immortality Bites #1

Bitten and Smitten: Immortality Bites #1
Michelle Rowen
ISBN 0575094001(978-057-509400-0)
RRP $22.99 September 2010
Gollancz Paperback (198 x 129)

Blind dates can be bad, but Sarah Dearly's date is a true contender for worst ever. His neck nibbling didn't just leave a bruise; it turns her into a vampire - and the newest target for a pack of zealot vampire hunters. With her date now their latest victim, Sarah runs for her immortal life, straight into Thierry de Bennicoeur, a master vampire who is just a wee bit suicidal. Thierry can't resist a damsel in distress and agrees to teach Sarah how to live the vampire life if she'll help him end his own. But as it turns out, Sarah may be his best reason for living.


Bitten & Smitten is a light-hearted, paranormal romance that will appeal to the YA market. Sarah Dearly is a former wannabe actress turned executive assistant in an advertising company. Even if life hasn’t panned out for Sarah the way she thought it had, she seems pretty content with the simple thrills in life like shopping, drinking and just the hope of finding “the one.” Sarah’s simple uncomplicated life is cut short when she goes on a blind date and is, unwillingly, turned into a vampire. She has troubles coming to the reality that vampires even exist and she has no time to adjust when her sire and blind-date-gone-to-hell gets murdered by vampire hunters on the same night she’s risen to her new life as a vampire.
The hunters seem dead set on the fact that all vampires are evil blood sucking fiends, which they don’t all turn out to be. Sarah does her smartass best to get away from them while throwing in some self defence moves accompanied by some snarky comments. In this life and death moment, she stumbles upon a dark and handsome stranger. Usually at this point the girl is swept up in the sexy strangers arm and kills the hunters with his spare arm. Unlike Twilight and many other paranormal romance novels, in this one he just wants to be left alone and in a very hesitant way ends up helping anyways despite why he’s really there.

Sarah as a character is a little bit shallow and slow at times while she deals with her transformation. She quickly becomes loveable and witty in the most serious of situations. Her sarcasm and lack of tactfulness makes her charming and tends to attract many new people to her oh so complicated life quickly. She’s definitely no prude and has no problem jumping up and wrapping herself around something that she wants.

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