Vampire Zero Review  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Vampire Zero
David Wellington
Published by Allen & Unwin, 7 November 2008, RRP $23.96 (NZRRP $27.99) pb

Move over Stephenie Meyer, vampire hunter, Laura Caxton, is here in the finale to David Wellington's gore-soaked gothic trilogy, with vampires and mortals fighting it out to the (extremely bloody) death.

Why simply pierce your victim’s neck when you can rip their heads off and drink from their jugular vein?

The final book in Wellington’s Matt Reilly-style series, Vampire Zero, is a characteristically scruple-free splatter fest that will leave you reeling.

Praise for Wellington’s 13 Bullets:

‘Thrilling entertainment for readers who like their horror raw and bloody’- Publishers' Weekly.

‘David Wellington… find[s] a new level of brutality here. ‘ – The Daily Telegraph
‘Vampires. Virtually invincible, all but unstoppable – and extinct, sort of… In a word: gory’ – The Herald Sun

ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Wellington made a name for himself in the supernatural genre with his Monster Island trilogy, which broke out as an online serialized novel before it was published by Thunder's Mouth Press. It was recently optioned by screenwriter Stephen Susco (The Grudge).

“The hottest bad boys in contemporary fiction are cold-blooded vampires”


While originally released in 2008, there are copies with ghastly new covers filling the shelves of most bookstores now. With the growing fandom of the vampire genre, this one has made a second rising from the grave.

Vampire Zero is the third and second last book in David’s series, taking the reader by the throat from the outset and shaking the life out of them. The tension and action bubbles over from the climactic ending to the previous book, and is tied up neatly in this novel. The heroine, Laura is now tracking down her mentor as he’s turned into a vampire to save her life. Not much by the way of a thank you, but great for an intense tale.

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