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Posted by Scott Wilson

Scott: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us. I’ve just read Something Is Out There and enjoyed it, how long did it take to do the research for this book?

Julie: Thanks! We researched it over a period of about six months, but we had visited some of the places a couple of years back when we were putting together a TV pilot on haunted places (which we ended up filming in New Zealand!), so we were revisiting familiar territory.

Scott: What was the scariest encounter you experienced during the investigations you conducted during the writing of Something Is Out There?

Julie: I’m still freaked out about the light that followed us down the Stuart Highway in the NT, near Wycliffe Well. I’m not convinced it was an “alien probe”, but it was certainly an unsettling experience and I haven’t as yet heard a satisfying scientific explanation to counter claims that it was paranormal.

Scott: With the hype surrounding government cover-ups when it comes to investigating reports of alien life and UFO’s, how much resistance or interference did you come across in your research?

Julie: The UFO community in particular is very closed, and we were researching as outsiders. We did have trouble penetrating some particular groups, but other individuals were very helpful with their research. I do think there’s a lot of paranoia in the field, however.

Scott: What was the motivation behind writing Something Is Out There?

Julie: Grant and I have been obsessed with the paranormal since 1999, when we first discussed making a television series about haunted places. We eventually made a series in New Zealand called Ghost Hunt, which threw us into the thick of the action over there. We wrote two books about haunted places in New Zealand as a result of that, but always wanted to continue our research in Australia, since there is such a wealth of material.

Scott: Have either you or Grant considered making Something Is Out There into a television series, or documentary? I know I’d definitely be interested in seeing the locations you mention in your book.

Julie: Yes! We are both television producers, and have a proposal for a TV version of Something is Out There which we will be sending to the networks soon. We tried to sell the concept of our NZ series Ghost Hunt here a couple of years ago, but the networks were closed to the idea – at the time, they said the subject matter was “too dark”!

Scott: Where there many urban legends you researched that you thought were absolute hoaxes, only to be proved wrong when you visited the location yourself?

Julie: I always thought the Picton Railway Tunnel legend was an urban myth, but having seen strange lights in there myself, I can honestly say there’s something unexplained happening…

Scott: What are you plans for your next project? Should we expect another book from you and Grant or one by just you in the future?

Julie: Grant and I are working on a book on vampires at the moment, looking at the myths and legends behind the popular culture. We also have individual projects we are working on.

Scott: What are you reading at the moment and who are your favorite authors?

Julie: I just finished Bret Easton Ellis’ Imperial Bedrooms and am currently re-reading his old books. I saw him speaking in Sydney just week, and was very impressed – for someone who writes about cutting up women, he was totally charming and very funny! I also love Jonathan Franzen (the Corrections) and I’m looking forward to the release of his new novel.

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