Dog Blood Review  

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Dog Blood
David Moody
ISBN 0575084707(978-057-508470-4)
RRP $29.99 August 2010
Gollancz Paperback (216 x 135)

The world has suffered a catastrophe of unknown cause, dividing humankind into two: the Haters and the Unchanged with each group believing the other to be the enemy. Danny McCoyne has managed to break free and after days of indiscriminate fighting and killing, he is determined to make his way home, to reclaim the only thing of any value to him in this strange new world: his daughter Ellis. Unlike his wife and son, Ellis is like him and he knows, in his heart of hearts, that she is not dead. His dearest wish is for Ellis to be fighting for the world at his side - but Danny soon discovers his daughter is worth far more than just another fighting body. Others like him have discovered that children are absolutely vital to the cause. They are strong, small, and fast and they have no inhibitions. They are pure Haters...

About the Author
David Moody was born near Birmingham, UK in 1970. He is a long-time fan of horror and pulp science fiction. His first novel, Straight to You, was published in 1996. Previous titles: Autumn Online Series (Infected Books): Autumn: The Human Condition (2005); Autumn: Purification (2004); Autumn: The City (2003); Autumn (2001); Trust (self published 2002); Straight to You (Infected Books 1996)

Dog Blood is the sequel to Hater and another fine novel by David Moody. It’s fast paced, and even more intriguing and full of action than the first. If you haven’t read the first novel in this series, then please pick up a copy of Hater, you will enjoy the sequel so much more with this background under your belt. The world is now divided between the Haters and the Unchanged. Families are divided and separated while the Unchanged try to hold off the Haters who will stop at nothing to destroy all the Unchanged. Those inflicted by this vicious change of heart only feel satisfied when in the throes of violence and attacking the Unchanged. Complete annihilation has become the only thing that matters to people that were once very much like us. While the Unchanged—in an effort to continue some semblance of normal life—have moved into small-sequestered city centres trying to follow the safety in numbers survival rule. Food is scarce; the system has completely broken down and in the few months since the change no place is safe

The second book follows on from Hater with the story of Mark, Danny’s cousin, who is Unchanged and his survival in the city centre with his pregnant wife, in-laws, Danny’s wife, and a secret. It shows just how much the world has changed since the Haters began to emerge. The story then changes to the view of Danny, the main character from Hater, as he struggles to survive out in the world as a Hater. Danny moves from group to group and searching for his daughter, Ellis, who was taken along with his sons by his wife when she runs away from him. He heads back to the only place he knows to start his search and it only gets more interesting from there.

This is pretty hard to describe without giving something important away and this is one that you really need to read yourself to experience the full effect of Moody’s well researched and thought provoking dystopian fiction. If you are a fan of David’s style of writing from his humble beginnings as a serial blogger, then you will thoroughly enjoy this new series just as much.

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