Soul's Reckoning (Broken Well Trilogy Bk 3) Review  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Soul's Reckoning (Broken Well Trilogy Bk 3)
Sam Bowring
ISBN 0733624359(978-073-362435-3)
RRP $19.99 August 2010
Hachette Aust Paperback (Paperback - A Format)

An army of darkness marches on the Shining Mines, stronghold of the light for a thousand years. At their head is the shadowmander, an unstoppable monster created from the souls of the dead. A forgotten race stirs in Whisperwood, led by Corlas, who has been granted ancient powers by a banished god . . . and Fahren journeys with his old enemy Battu to the Morningbridge Peaks, where he is given a task that shakes him to the bones. Meanwhile Bel rides with all the might of Kainordas behind him. He carries the Stone of Evenings Mild, his only means of drawing his counterpart Losara back into himself, this making his soul complete. Prophecy says that a blue-haired man will end the war forever - and the time has come to look oneself in the eye. The time has come for a reckoning.

Sam Bowring

Sam Bowring lives in Sydney and is a comedian and writer. As well as creating his own stand-up routines, he has written for Rove Live (Network Ten), The Mansion (thecomedychannel), The Big Bite (Channel 7) and The Ronnie Johns Half Hour (Network Ten). He lives in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re up to this book in the series, then there is no need for me to tell you if you are going to like Sam’s style of writing or the depth of his characters. Being the last book in this trilogy, most readers will already know just what they in store for and if you don’t, well you’d better go out and stock up on the first two books, because this one’s worth the read.

Sam’s fantasy world is one that is interesting and full of characters and creatures that have been well crafted and fully developed by this final novel. Bowring ties up all the loose ends and answers questions that readers of Destiny’s Rift and Prophecy’s Ruin have been dying to work out. The Prophecy unfolds neatly and some readers will be happy while others will be disappointed, depending upon which character they built a stronger kinship with.

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