Friday, August 27, 2010

Rebecca James Interview

Hi Rebecca, thank you for taking the time to have a chat to us here at Midnight Echo. Can you tell us a little about who Rebecca James is?

Rebecca: Hmmm - I’m a 40 year old woman, writer and mother of four boys. I live in Armidale but will very soon be moving to Port Macquarie. Right now I’m sitting in my kitchen, fireplace blazing, hot cup of tea by my side and red uggh boots on my feet. I think life will be quite different in Port (as the locals call it)...

Scott: How did if feel to read the praise in the Wall Street Journal in October last year about you being the next J.K Rowling?

Rebecca: The comparison to JK Rowling made me a little uncomfortable, to be honest - they are some mighty big boots to fill and I don’t think I’ve got a hope in hell!

Scott: How long did it take you to write Beautiful Malice?

Rebecca: It took about 2 years.

Scott: Did you begin writing short stories, and if so, what was the first story you had published and where, or did you get straight into novels?

Rebecca: I have written a couple of short stories but have never submitted them anywhere - I’m much more interested in novels! The first thing I had published was a humorous piece of creative non-fiction about dinner time in a household with four young kids. It was published in an Australian parenting magazine.

Scott: What are you working on at the moment? Will it be in the same genre as Beautiful Malice or are you writing something completely different now?

Rebecca: I’m writing the second book in my contract. It’s another psychological thriller in a similar vein to BEAUTIFUL MALICE. At the moment it’s called COOPER BARTHOLOMEW IS DEAD although the publishers may decide to change this.

Scott: Do you have a favourite character you have created and why?

Rebecca: I like Alice best and I think it’s because she gets such a strong response (normally negative) from readers. It was great fun creating such an extreme character.

Scott: What is a typical day of writing for you? Do you have a goal for achieving a certain amount of words or hours per day?

Rebecca: When I’m writing the first draft I aim to write about 1000 words a day from Monday to Friday. When I’m editing or revising I just try and get as much done as I can while the kids are at school.

Scott: What are you reading at the moment and who are your 5 favourite authors?

Rebecca: I’m reading a book called GOOD OIL by Laura Buzo. It’s a new Australian YA release. It’s fantastic. Truly hilarious and brilliantly written - I’m quite envious of Laura’s talent for creating utterly believable and complex characters! And my favourites... well, actually, I’ve recently decided not to have favourites because I change my mind all the time depending on my mood and what I’m’s too much of a fluid and changeable thing.

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