23 Hours Review  

Posted by Scott Wilson

23 Hours
A Vengeful Vampire Tale
David Wellington

PUBLISHED: 29 March 2010
IMPRINT: Allen & Unwin
CATEGORY: Popular Fiction
RRP: $23.99

The perfect antidote to anyone seeking relief from Twilight.

Vampire hunter Laura Caxton is back. In the next 23 hours, there will be no reprieve, no mercy,
and no time off for good behaviour.

The cop turned con is locked up in a maximum-security prison with nothing to lose and plenty of
time to kill. She has always been able to watch her back, even when surrounded by countless
murderers but she soon learns that the oldest living vampire, Justinia Malvern, has also taken up
residence behind bars. Raiding the prison like an open bar with an all-you-can-drink supply of
fresh blood, Justinia’s strength grows and then she offers Laura an ultimatum she cannot refuse.
Now Laura has 23 hours to make one last desperate attempt at protecting the world from
Justinia’s evil.

Filled from cover to cover with vampires, zombies and the undead 23 Hours will keep you up at
night with its action, gore and horror.

Praise for David Wellington:

“Thrilling entertainment for readers who like their horror raw and bloody” – Publishers’ Weekly
“David Wellington is moving the literature of the undead into the 21st century with new levels of
brutality” – LA Times

“Vampirism is the dark side of the idea of immortality, as well as a nightmare personification of
parasitism, viral infection and the concept of sharing blood. Wellington uses all of these ideas
and they make his novel more than just a gory story.” – The Sydney Morning Herald


David Wellington is the author of the Laura Caxton vampire series, including 13 Bullets, 99 Coffins, and
Vampire Zero. He made a name for himself in the supernatural genre with his Monster Island trilogy, which
broke out as an online serialized novel before it was published by Thunder's Mouth Press. It was optioned
by screenwriter Stephen Susco (The Grudge).


This is the last novel in this series and a good, strong ending to the book to tidy things up. The last book saw Laura Caxton killing off her former boss, Arkley. Can’t really tell you much more without giving away the plot and ruining the final book for you.

This is a well written and strong finale that won’t disappoint fans of the series.

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