Saturday, September 17, 2011

POETRY:Venice Dreams by Jason E. Hodges

It was a wonderful place to go

A time when dreams were dreams and it was okay to imagine

Okay to love

Okay to embrace all that was good

Slipping farther away from reality is the greatest vacation one can give oneself

Dropping off the side of the earth

Falling deeper into a spinning cyclone of forgetting it all

For the whirlwind sometimes whips you without warning

Then settles to a calm

I emerge to see you waiting on the other side in this strange new land

Sunbeams of crimson reflect off your hair

As the sunset lies softly on the blue water’s bay

Sparkling like crystals atop the tiniest of waves

They lap gently on your hand as it drags through the water

Hypnotizing me with your hypnotic beauty

As you sit so close

Closely we sit

Your long legs crossed with the eloquence of a Queen

Flowing into one another with perfection of length and beauty

Your hands soft to the touch

Touching with long fingers of softness, lacing with my mine with woven energy I feel

Drifting slowly our Gondola takes us deeper into the city

Deeper into my dream

Through the canal streets of Venice

Underneath arched bridge-ways of cobblestone

Roadways of water wash over our worries

As the Gondolier pushes us up onto the shoreline

An ocean of time crest in the background

We turn hand in hand to get lost in the sand

To feel time stand still and the wind in our hair

Dreaming of Venice if only for a minute

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