Thursday, September 1, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Spell Bound

Title: Spell Bound

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Publisher: Hachette

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9780356500874

Release Date: Aug 2011

Pages: 352


A brand new kick-ass thriller with a magical twist - from bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

Savannah Levine is in danger. That's not usually a problem. But, caught in the grip of a disturbing and violent murder case, Savannah swore to give up her unique gifts if it would save an innocent young girl. Little did she know that someone - or something - was listening now she has no idea how to restore her powers, just when she needs them the most?

In this compelling, fast-paced new thriller, Savannah has to face a host of deadly enemies bent on destroying not only her, but the very fabric of the supernatural world. As dark forces gather, Savannah isn't just fighting for her life, but for everything and everyone she loves


Kelley Armstrong lives in rural Ontario, Canada, with her family and far too many pets. She is the author of the bestselling Women of the Otherworld series, the highly acclaimed Darkest Power young adult series and two adventure novels about a hit woman, EXIT STRATEGY and MADE TO BE BROKEN.

Previous Books:

No Humans Involved, Personal Demon, Spell Bound, Waking the Witch, Broken, Haunted


I loved this book. Loved it so much, in fact, that it may be my very favourite Otherworld book of all time. Yes, I know that's a pretty bold statement. And not everyone will agree. After all, generally the best Otherworld books are Elena books and I'm the first person to say so. But what makes this book so fantastic is that even though Savannah is the narrator, it brings everyone together.

The pacing was good and action packed. Savannah as the narrator is sometimes annoying, but that is a major character trait of hers. The dialog between characters was snappy and engaging. While the story is intense, the sarcastic humour keeps it from becoming too dark.

I would have to classify this as more YA urban fantasy, unlike the other additions to Women of the Otherworld. This book and the previous book have been about Savannah coming of age.

At the end of Waking the Witch, Savannah lost her powers. In Spell Bound she is trying to come to terms with this, but really not succeeding. Her spells feel as important to her as breathing, so losing them was quite devastating. It doesn't help that trouble keeping coming up, putting her in situations that make her miss the lost firepower even more. It seems all supernatural are a target for some sort of nefarious scheme. While everyone else meets in the Cabel strong hold in Florida, Savannah and Adam are out on the front lines trying to get to the bottom of things. They'll need to get to the bottom of things quickly or run the risk of their world being forever changed.

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