The Mule  

Posted by Scott Wilson

The Mule
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 480

Aiden felt sweat drip down the back of his shirt, drenching his clothes and making him feel uncomfortable and nervous. He looked ahead at the queue in front of him at the Bali airport, and then looked at his watch. The flight left if one hour, but time seemed to be moving in slow motion.

A small girl tugged at his shirt.

“You’re all wet, mister,” she said.

Aiden turned around and pulled his shirt away from the girl, sweat dripped onto the floor from his jerking motion. He smiled sarcastically at her then faced the front of the line again. There were now only three people before he checked in.

“Look, mister,” the girl said. “The police are coming to get you for making a mess on the floor.”

Aiden looked in the direction that the girl was pointing. Three armed Thai Police Officers were heading directly towards him.

“You stupid kid,” he said, then left the line and headed to the toilets.
Aiden heard the police yell something in Thai at him. He ignored it and pushed passed a group of America tourists to get to the toilets. He quickly locked himself in a cubicle, pulled out a bottle of Castor Oil, and gulped it down. He gagged and held back the oil coming straight back up.

“Come out here now!” one of the Thai officers yelled.

A barrage of banging began on the cubicle door. Aiden pushed ferociously, trying to expel the contents of his stomach. The door crashed in and two officers grabbed Aiden and pulled his trousers up.

“You got drugs!” The third officer yelled.

“No,” Aiden said. “Not me, I’m got Bali Belly, you gotta let me go man.”


Aiden’s stomach groaned and gurgled.

“Let me go, I’m going to shart myself.”

The third officer pulled out a baton and rammed it into Aiden’s stomach, winding him. Another blow, then another blow.

“Stop it, please,” Aiden cried.

The officer hit him in the gut again. Aiden felt something in his stomach tear, and then a warm sensation rippled outward. He felt a wave of nausea, and then his head became light.

Another hit from the baton burst something else in Aiden’s stomach and he slumped in the two officer’s arms.

“Whoa,” Aiden said, no longer feeling the pain of the beatings. “Chill out dude, I need to go, like, now man.”

Aiden kicked his pants off and his stomach groaned loudly again.

“Stop him!” the Thai officer yelled, but it was too late. Aiden released a bowl motion that streamed out and down his legs. Amongst the faecal matter were a number of ripped condoms.

“Look at the lights,” Aiden said, then slumped forward, dead from the massive overdose of heroin.


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