Moving Up in the World  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Moving Up in the World
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 167

“Good to see you on the train like this Al. Have your girl call my girl and we’ll set up lunch,” Hank said to his old friend.

Al looked at Hank with one eyebrow raised. The last time he saw his friend, he was homeless and living in a cardboard box behind a dumpster. Al hardly recognised him, and wondered how Hank’s life turned around so dramatically.

“Wha...” Al began to say as the train stopped abruptly at the next station. He felt as though he had been punched in the chest and winded.

Hank flicked a gold embossed business card onto Al’s lap, winked sleazily, and then left the train before Al could say anything.

Al looked took a moment to regain his breath before turning the business card over. It read; Hank Jones – Stealer of Souls. Reasonably rates for repossession.

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