Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hookers, Hobos and Hustlers

Hookers, Hobos and Hustlers
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 468

“Great party, Thomas,” Jektol, the three-headed alien said.

“Yes, top marks,” Ingalenstool, the lizard-headed creature added. “But why do all of these themed parties have the female in a derogatory role. I mean Hookers for the females and Hustlers for the males?”

“Well,” Thomas said. “In the early history of Earth, the males dominated politics, the workplace, and society in general. I suppose they liked the idea of having a party where the ladies wore as little clothes as possible. You know, to give them another power high.”

“Did the females ever hold themed parties later on when they gained the equality that they fought for?” Jektol said.

“No, not really. You see, the balance of nature always seemed to have the female ratio a lot higher than that of their male counterparts. They never had the need to use their power or status to get a man.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Ingalenstool said. “If there were more women, then wouldn’t that mean that men would have had more partners to choose from, not the other way around?”

“In theory, that is correct my friend. But men were also born with a much higher libido and sex drive than women. Men always seemed to need to have a partner for their physical needs, where women seemed to be able to go through their whole lives without bothering to have sex unless they wanted to have children.”

“That makes sense,” Jektol said. “Men had more partners to choose from but in reality, they had much less of a choice.”

“Exactly, Jektol.”

“But that still doesn’t make sense?” Ingalenstool. “Why would the women dress up in skimpy clothes to attract a man, if they had no desire for a sexual relationship?”

“Back to the balance of power, my friend,” Thomas said. “Women had a commodity that men wanted, themselves. Some women would degrade themself to a sexual object so that they could gain a relationship with a man of wealth and power, to have a better quality of life. In the early Earth history, a woman was not able to amass a fortune by themselves, and even when widowed, they often lost their inheritance to a male in the family.”

“I’m surprised that the women didn’t start a violent revolution sooner,”

Ingalenstool said. “How could they stand being so oppressed?”

“Balance of power, my friend...”

“Hey, hooker!” yelled a female lizard headed creature. “Over here, pleasure me now!”

“I have to go,” Thomas said. “Like I just said, it’s all about the balance of power.”

Thomas adjusted his corset and garter, and then pranced over to the awaiting creature to perform his duty as a hooker.


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