Life in the Burbs  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Life in the Burbs
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 218

We knew Roger Auckland was depraved. He had the baby-kissing smile of a corrupt politician or an unfaithful governor. There was just something about him that told you nothing he said was going to be the truth. It wasn’t the fact that he always smiled and never said a bad thing about anyone or anything, no that fooled most people. Nobody except my brother Dave and I heard the strange noises coming from his house in the dead of night. We should have left it alone, but a few days back, the screams where so loud that we had to try and help whoever Roger had in his garage.

I hope Dave got out of Roger’s yard okay. I think he must have, Roger didn’t grab us both together, and I never heard Dave come back after I was dragged to the slaughterhouse Roger calls his garage.

After Roger caught me, he cut out my tongue, poked out my eyes and stuck long needles in my ears and ruptured my eardrums. I can’t feel my arms or legs now, actually the only thing I feel now is cold, the pain seems to have passed.


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