Class Reunion  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Class Reunion
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 316

The handsomely engraved invitation to the charity ball was a scam. It was all part of the plan to lure the classmates of ’88 together for one last time. Billy had a plan, a big plan to make a name for himself, both with his classmates and with the world at large. Twenty years on and Billy had become nothing, exactly what most of the tossers in his senior class thought would happen. His hatred of the world stemming from an unhappy childhood made him none discriminatory. Even those classmates who never teased him were part of his plan.

Only one person, Melissa Jones, declined the invitation. No big drama sorting Melissa out so she would not miss the fun. Billy flayed her in the basement of her office block and rubbed salt in her skinless flesh and left a box of rats on her lap for company.

Billy thought it was a good start to a big night. He did a quick head count, made sure everyone was there, then chained the doors and fire exits securely before pressing the open button on his remote control.

He was disappointed that he could not hear the screams and gnashing of teeth when he released the werewolves. The music had to be cranked up loud so the howls could not be heard.

Billy grinned as he loaded the magazine of his .303 with silver bullets to dispose of the beasts once the carnage was over. The police would only find the savaged remains of the class of ’88 and two naked skinheads with silver bullets through their hearts.

Next on his list was the termination of past bosses and supervisors. His batch of zombies was just about ready for this event.


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