Lucky Lenny  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Lucky Lenny
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 176

“I don’t get it. Why is them cops on my case? I ain’t done nothin’...honest,” Lenny said.

“I dunno, Lenny,” Stu said. “It’s like they have it in for us, just cause we grew up in this part of the city.”

Lenny gathered up the tray of diamonds and placed them into a soft velvet bag. He tossed the display tray into the duffle bag to dispose of later.

“They’s never caught us doing anything wrong before have they?” Stu said, carefully plucking off the Michael Hill Jeweller price tags from the tray of rings.

“No, Stu,” Lenny said. “We’s never left behind any evidence or any witnesses to give us away.”

Stu looked at the storekeeper on the floor with the bullet hole in his forehead.

“Nope, Lenny. We’s never left behind anyone to dob us in. Maybe, one time you can make sure there’s nobody left. Makes my guts feel all yucky.”


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