Automated Justice  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Automated Justice
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 197

“Hey, the jury is back. We’ll get their verdict in just a few minutes,” Walt’s Attorney, Samuel said cheerfully.

“How do you think we’ll go?” Walt said.

Judge Grange hobble back to his seat and banged the gavel against the bench, “Madam Chairperson, has the jury reached a unanimous decision?”

“We have, Your Honour.”

A solid, cylindrical Perspex tube lowered around Walt, sealing him from the other courtroom occupants.

Samuel held both thumbs up at Walt and smiled.

“The decision, Your Honour,” the court officer said, handing Judge Grange the folded piece of paper.

The Judge unfolded the note and slid it into the slot next to his gavel. Two thick tubes lowered and latched onto opposite sides of the Perspex tube. Walt grabbed at his throat, gasping for air before collapsing against the side of the tube and slowly slid to the floor.

“Excuse me, Judge,” The Foreperson said. “The jury found the plaintiff innocent.”

The judge looked at the slot on the bench and noticed the previous jury’s note stuck in the reader.


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