Stone Cold Crazy  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Stone Cold Crazy
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 349

The cop pulled the speeding, weaving sports convertible over, and stood well behind the driver’s door as he said, “Listen, you were driving like a crazy, what the hell is going on?”

The driver stuck her head out the window, at least the cop thought it was the driver’s head, until he realised it wasn’t connected to a body. He reached for his sidearm.

“Step Out of the car!” he yelled.

The head retracted back inside the car and the door opened slowly. Blood dripped on the ground as the tall, naked woman stepped out of the car, holding her head in her hand.

“What seems to be the problem, Officer?” she said.

Carelessly, the officer stepped back and tripped over, landing flat on his back just as a semi trailer hurtled down the highway.

“Watch out!” the woman yelled.

It was too late. The truck ran over the officer, squashing his intestines out of his mouth and rectum and broke his back in five places.

The woman knelt down beside the corpse and ran her fingers through his hair gently. He coughed, spitting out his entrails to clear his throat.

“You’ll need a lift I think,” the woman said as the Officer tried to sit up. “I can only restore life; unfortunately I can’t heal your injuries.”

“What the...”

The Officer used his muscular arms to sit up; everything from the chest down was a bloody and useless mound of torn flesh. His spine snapped as he turned to face the headless woman.

“Here, let me help you,” she said and placed her head on the bonnet of her car. She grabbed the Officer under each arm and lifted him into her car.

“What about my junk?” The Officer cried.

“I’m afraid that half of your body seems to have stayed dead, Officer.”

The Officer looked in disbelief at his other half as the headless woman drove off down the highway.


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