Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cyberpunk Police Truck

Cyberpunk Police Truck
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 208

“Tonight’s the night we’ve got the truck boys,” Gestav said to the three new police recruits. “We’re going downtown to beat up some drunks, roundup the good whores and have a good old time.”

The three recruits looked at each other and then at the Sergeant.

“Are you serious?” Constable Prunes said.

Gestav quickly drew his Glock and pumped a round into Prunes forehead. Prunes fell backwards off his chair, cracking his skull on the desk behind him before hitting the cold, hard marble floor, spilling his brains everywhere.

“Anymore questions?” Gestav said, putting his pistol back in its holster.
The two remaining recruits shook their heads.

“Okay then, put Prunes in the Cryoplasmatank to fix up that nasty bump on his head.”
Gestav looked at his watch.

“We should have time for a few brews before Prunes is ready to come with us, so let chug-a-lug.”

He tossed two beer pellets to the recruits and swallowed three. The recruits reluctantly took the pills, watching the Sergeant cautiously for fifteen minutes before Prunes was healed and they were ready to start their first night patrol.


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